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What our Clients say:

Dear Sirs: For eighty years now, I have trod this globe. For twenty-five years at Muhammad Ali’s side through his glory years as his doctor;  then, for 25 more years as the top boxing commentator for NBC Sports and top of the line all the way.

What I mean to say here, Sirs, is that I am used to being treated royally when I travel. I have been pampered and attended to good travel.  It is, you know, vital and essential to good travel. It makes your job easier. It makes life pleasant.

So, it is with a happy hand I turn to extol the virtues of our driver, Mr. Tony Kennedy who took such excellent care of us in our recent trip to the Emerald Isle; through Dublin, Galway and Cork.
I am a writer. I seek out characters in my varied life. I write novels, short stories, and movie scripts. I need realistic characters, they make my stores breathe.

If, for example, I needed to populate my novel with a perfect gentleman’s gentleman, or an astute guide and driver, or a man of consummate skill in the art of making a client feel ‘at home’ and if I wanted to feel secure, from the dangers of the day…if I wanted all that in one man I would recommend without qualification Tony Kennedy, without a doubt.

He is a very picture of a man’s man. He is built like a fortress. He is military in bearing, correct on every way.  His taste in clothes is impeccable; his turn-out is perfect.

He is the essence of cordiality, but not overly familiar. At the end of the 9 days together, my wife and I considered him a friend.  More I cannot say.

Ferdie Pacheco M.D. February 25, 2008 Miami, Florida U.S.A